Our story of Thailand

Leaving the Nordics

Finally the day has arrived – we are going Thailand! It’s been a long fall but at the same time time has just flown by and all of a sudden we are going on vacation! We started the day with a nice early morning run. Although it was approximately 6 degrees, moist and with a […]

Arriving in Thailand

Finally on the ground again we got a priority lane ticket for the passport control which basically meant no queue and we could pick up our bags straight away. The public taxis at the airport have a great system where you pick up a slip with your taxi’s number and information how to file complaints […]

Bat caves and Harry Potter bugs

We were excited about the half day tour of the Khao Yai National Park as our guide picked us up at our hotel. Our tour group consisted of a young couple from France (like most French they did not speak very good english), an American couple, a couple from Spain and Venezuela (at least we […]

Welcome to the Jungle

We woke up early but well rested after a good night’s sleep. Today we were going on a full day tour at the Khao Yai National Park. We started off with the normal american style breakfast (God we are going to be tired of it soon). Our hotel also had a similar tour and we […]

Lost in Bangkok

As this sounds very serious we have to tell you straight away that we didn’t get lost in Bangkok but our unfortunate taxi driver was not so lucky… But now we are getting ahead of ourselves, so lets get back to the beginning… We had a good nights sleep and we were taken to Pak […]

Biking with Nok outside Bangkok

We don’t even know how to begin to tell our story of this fantastic day! But let’s be conventional and start at the beginning… We wish we could write that we woke well rested but if you have read our last post you know why we did not :-(. The annoying “stop-knocking-on-my-walls-guy” was of course […]

On our way to Ko Lanta

We had a wonderful last night at Baan Noppawong (no knocking neighbors in the middle of the night either). We got picked up by a taxi and had an easy ride to the airport. We had plenty of time to check in, actually we had to wait to check-in. At the gate first class passengers […]

First time diving

Yeah! Finally the day had arrived that we were going to dive for the first time in our lives! Excited?! Nervous?! Yes!!! We had a fast breakfast and got picked up by the diving centre’s songthaew. The staff at the diving centre gave a good and professional impression and at the same time they were […]

Our second day diving

So, it was time to see if Fredde had gotten his diving under control… We headed to the diving centre and finished off the theoretical part of the course. It was the same procedure as yesterday – watching the dvd, answering and discuss some questions and finally a quiz on the chapter. A little tricky […]

Diving and snorkeling

We woke early and excited. Margreet was going to do her first open water dive and Fredde was finally going to snorkel again (it’s been 3 years…). We got a nice surprise when we saw the boat. It was quite big and looked very nice 🙂 We had a nice breakfast on the boat while […]

Margreet is officially an open water diver

It’s no rest for the restless as we had the alarm set at 6:30 am. Today is a big day for Margreet as she officially will become a PADI Open Water Diver! But lets not get ahead of ourselves… Before we got picked up at our resort we had a mini breakfast consisting of a […]

Riding with the wind

No, we have not begun writing our fantasy trilogy or something like that, we have just rented a pair of motorbikes to get around Ko Lanta 🙂 Finally we didn’t have to set the alarm clock! It was so nice to sleep in even though we got up at around 8. It was an extremely […]

Adventure dive at Red and Purple Rock

Today we have what we can call a guest writer. Since it’s basically rubbish writing about Fredde’s day by the pool we will concentrate on Margreet’s adventure dives at Red and Purple Rock. Or should we put up a vote for it? No? I guess not, so here we go… I had to go up […]


Today was going to be a relaxed day! We then of course started the day by sleeping in 🙂 Half of the day we were just hanging by the pool. Even the birds came and joined us for a dip in the pool.We decided to go to Easy Bar for lunch, they did not disappoint […]

Our last day at Ko Lanta

We had an early start which was very nice and since we had the motorbikes since yesterday we took off to go shopping in Old Town again. This time we took a different route but since the island is so small you can’t really get lost. We got a little suspicious when the sign said […]

Off to Bangkok again

After some minor problems and mixups with our transfer to the airport (we heard that they tried to pick us up the day before and at the wrong time as well) they decided to play it safe and came 40 minutes before the agreed time. Well, the driver simply had to wait for us as […]

Sightseeing in Bangkok

Today sightseeing was on the todo list. We had set the alarm early and went down for a big style breakfast. There was basically anything and everything you ever wanted (and not wanted) for breakfast. Sushi anyone? No? At least not Fredde who instead settled for freshly made pancakes from a machine…We took the BTS […]

Shopping in Bangkok

We woke up to our last day in Thailand… Sigh, time just goes by way too fast when you have fun 🙁 Oh well, we wanted to make the best of it and decided SHOP TIL YOU DROP! We went to Central World with 550,000 m² of shopping… it really made our precious Emporia to […]