Shopping in Bangkok

We woke up to our last day in Thailand… Sigh, time just goes by way too fast when you have fun 🙁 Oh well, we wanted to make the best of it and decided SHOP TIL YOU DROP!

We went to Central World with 550,000 m² of shopping… it really made our precious Emporia to look like a small 7-Eleven in comparison. Well, at least it was not as nice and new as Emporia!

Both outside and inside the huge shopping mall Christmas had come with Snoopy in the main lead.

We started off at Zen, which was one of the two huge department stores (eight floors) located at each end of the building. It was a great store with a wide selection of merchandise. Sometimes a little too wide for our taste… When we came around one corner we basically got blinded by all the bling! Around another we became speechless and just started laughing out loud…
We also found Muji heaven! It was almost half a floor in Zen
After about 5 full shopping bags we took a much-needed break and had some great Mexican food :-). At the coffee shop next door Fredde kept the Mexican spirit and ordered a Mexican coffee in a glass boot while Greet went for a more traditional Latte. Although, for some reason the latte came with a glass of tea(!?).
We finished off the shopping with a walk through all the floors of Central World. Phuu!!!
Back at the hotel we relaxed at the pool before going back and finding something to eat at Paragon (another shopping mall).
Unfortunately, we came a little bit too late as restaurants started to close up and we also needed to go back to the hotel and pack everything. We ended up having burgers at Burger King… No! Don’t say a word! At least we had one last stick of ice cream at Stickhouse :-). Yummy!