Off to Bangkok again

After some minor problems and mixups with our transfer to the airport (we heard that they tried to pick us up the day before and at the wrong time as well) they decided to play it safe and came 40 minutes before the agreed time. Well, the driver simply had to wait for us as we had just started to eat breakfast.

When you are going to Krabi from Ko Lanta you take a car ferry twice. At the first place they are building a bridge so maybe next time we come it will go faster 😉
Krabi airport is amongst the smallest we have been to and information tends to be a problem. After some confusion about what gate we were going to board from most tourists were relieved when we finally were taken outdoors and boarded.
It was a little bit of an adventure to get from the airport to our hotel in down town Bangkok. First we had to find our way to the Airport Train and find out where and how to buy the tickets. That was actually pretty straight forward but finding out what station to get off and then find our way to the BTS Sky train and change lines there as well etc was a little challenging. But all went well and now we are almost experts on the BTS 😉
Our hotel was located right by the BTS and had it’s own bridge between the platforms and the hotel. It was a very nice, grand and luxurious hotel and in many ways the complete opposite of what we had last time in Bangkok. There was a nice outdoor pool and relax area located on the 14th floor and we quickly went there and tried it out. Fredde also got some night pictures taken from our room.
The 5th of December is the kings birthday and father’s day in Thailand. The king is very popular in Thailand and loved by it’s people (it’s not easy to describe it if you haven’t been there but he’s almost divine). So you can maybe imagine what a big celebration it was this day. The color of the day was yellow.
We decided to skip the celebrations and wanted to try a new cinema experience… At one of the big shopping centers located at Siam Square, The Paragon, there is a big cinema complex on the top floor. It has normal cinemas, IMAX, 4D but tonight we wanted to try the Bangkok Airlines Cinema. It’s a very luxurious cinema experience where you have a sofa for two which you can recline all the way back and enjoy the movie (and not fall asleep). We went for the latest episode of Hunger Games. It was a good movie and the experience was top notch!
Oh, we almost forgot to tell about what Margreet probably thought was the best find of the day – an Italian Gelato Bar called Stick house. They served amazingly good ice creams on sticks and they looked amazing as well :-).