Our last day at Ko Lanta

We had an early start which was very nice and since we had the motorbikes since yesterday we took off to go shopping in Old Town again. This time we took a different route but since the island is so small you can’t really get lost. We got a little suspicious when the sign said that we were heading towards “Oil Town” ;-). The surroundings were nice once we left the main city.

Once in Old Town we unfortunately found our favorite store closed for a week :-(. Oh well not much to do so went for some nice cold fruit shakes instead…
We took off to a water gypsy town in the south. Once there it looked to be a pretty poor town with a lot of trash laying around everywhere. By the water a few fishermen were heading out to sea.
On the way back we had lunch at a nice and relaxing restaurant looking out over the bay. The restaurant is owned by a former IT-guy that got tired of all the stress in Bangkok and started his own restaurant. Besides having a gorgeous view, they had simply the best Thai food we have ever tasted! We finished off the lunch with a great coffee and a wonderful desert. The owner told us that he was growing his own coffee up in the north, of course we had found us the perfect gift for one of our most dedicated follower. Yes, we are talking about you Berend! You now have something to look forward to for Christmas (and we too of course 😉 )!
On the way back Fredde tried to get a good picture of one of the many tuk tuks (motorbike with an attached side- or backseat). Almost all of them are colorfully painted, often with some cool patterns.
Back “home” we just took the rest of the afternoon off and relaxed by the pool.
We took our last swims in the ocean as well. Sniff… …soon we had to leave this wonderful place :*(. So we decided to do the best with the time left!!! First off was drinks by the beautiful beach and a wonderful sunset. We said our goodbyes to the wonderful staff and of course we had to make a group photo! The sky soon opened up and it started to rain cats and dogs again.
Next on the list was a pedicure for Margreet and a violent beat… …sorry, a neck and back massage for Fredde. But it was close too violence, damn those small women can really find your sore spots. Fredde felt like his back was made of a beanbag filled with golf balls which all had to be pushed down through his shoulders and back… Ouch…
Last but not least on the list was a dinner at our favorite restaurant with our favorite dishes. Yes you guessed correct. It was barbecued fish and Korean style barbecue at Easy Bar! Do we have to tell you how delicious it was? No? We do it anyway, it was fabulously absolutely delicious!!! 😉
We actually finished off with coffee and desert at a great restaurant next to the resort, the Black Coral. Excellent coffee!
Now the boring part was left… Packing!