Today was going to be a relaxed day! We then of course started the day by sleeping in 🙂
Half of the day we were just hanging by the pool. Even the birds came and joined us for a dip in the pool.

We decided to go to Easy Bar for lunch, they did not disappoint us! After the lunch we had a wonderful “relaxed” Thai massage next door to Easy Bar. Even though it was called “relaxed” they did handle us pretty rough from time to time ;-).
As the sun started to come down we decided to make a nice picture with sea shells in the sand spelling Thailand. It was a lot of fun but we didn’t even come half way completed before the water washed it away. Of course Margreet had to spell Thailand with half a meter big letters so it took a lot of runs for Fredde to collect the shells ;-). On the other hand if Fredde had spelled Thailand it would have been a tad harder to read (to put it gently…).
On the second attempt we managed to get it completed just in time with help from a little thai girl :-).
We decided to rent bikes again to go to the Red Snapper which Carl had suggested. Unfortunately it was closed but instead we tried another of Carl’s suggested restaurants, the Fat Monkey. We both tried their famous burgers and they were very very good! They easily qualified as some of the best we have ever had. The brownies as dessert were also top notch!