Margreet is officially an open water diver

It’s no rest for the restless as we had the alarm set at 6:30 am. Today is a big day for Margreet as she officially will become a PADI Open Water Diver! But lets not get ahead of ourselves… Before we got picked up at our resort we had a mini breakfast consisting of a delicious freshly made omelette 🙂
Excited we met up with a new group for our dive and snorkeling trip. This time we had a few try out divers (all from Sweden actually), Fredde got a snorkeling buddy from Switzerland and then some fun divers (divers that have the certificate but just want to dive for fun).
Nic, our favorite underwater photographer, was on this trip as well :-). Unfortunately, this boat had no air conn room so we spent most of the time in the shade on the top deck.
Our destination was once again Koh Haa but this time we were going to have three dives/snorkeling runs. There are about 12 dive sites at Koh Haa so still more then enough to see and explore.

Fredde and the Swiss girl got debriefed by Olli, the snorkeling guide while Margreet was planning her dive together with Carl.
It was another amazing snorkeling run for Fredde. Olli was an excellent guide but the Swiss girl was not a very competent swimmer. Oh well, more time for Fredde to take pictures and study fishes 😉
For Margreet it was her first time at 18 m and she practiced some skills. She did an 6 m “Aaaaaaaaaa” a slow ascent on one breath saying “Aaaaaaaaaa”. That was actually a long way to the surface but she managed it well!
Margreet’s second dive was just a relaxed fun dive and then she had officially become a PADI Open Water Diver! Cheers!
After lunch, which Margreet thought was too spicy again, we had our last dive and snorkeling run. This time some of the try out divers also went snorkeling and one of them and the Swiss girl used a rescue buoy. Fredde saw a see snake and a cuttle fish, it was really cool :-).
Margreet’s last dive also went great and we both thought Koh Haa was an excellent diving and snorkeling spot with great corals and marine wild life.    

On the way home it was time for Margreet to fill the log again and Carl fixed some paperwork for us. Since Fredde completed the theory and some of the water skills, he doesn’t need to do the complete course if he wants to finish it in Sweden… …maybe he will…

Carl told a lot about his last few years as a dive instructor. He had really been all over the world, but especially in south east Asia. We both agreed that it sounded wonderful in some ways but in most ways it’s not really our cup of tea. 

Back “home” we wanted to try a different restaurant but it was a fail. The food was not really good and Margreet had a little bit of a bad stomach as well afterwards. We did however have fun reading the menu… …their spellings were hilarious.