Diving and snorkeling

We woke early and excited. Margreet was going to do her first open water dive and Fredde was finally going to snorkel again (it’s been 3 years…). We got a nice surprise when we saw the boat. It was quite big and looked very nice 🙂
We had a nice breakfast on the boat while we made our way to Koh Haa. Koh Haa means five islands in Thai, although it should be called six islands as they actually missed one ;-). It was a two hour ride and we recognized the islands as being a cluster of islands we had seen from our beach.

We met our underwater photographer Nic. He was a very nice and funny guy that happily showed Fredde all his nice gear. It was very cool to see all the gear required to take good pictures. The camera itself was quite ordinary but the underwater case and especially the huge flashes (yes, plural) made all the difference. Fredde wants to become an underwater photographer when he grows up (read: when he learns how to dive, which he thinks is just a minor detail 😉 )…
Carl showed Margreet how to set up the scuba diving gear on a boat.
When we arrived at the dive site (The Lagoon, Koh Haa) it was time for Margreet’s first dive down to 12 m and she was very excited. It went very well and even better than in the pool. It was actually easier in open water than in the pool. There were no problems going through some skills with Carl and they mostly swam around and looked at all the beautiful fishes. The water was very clear and calm and kept a nice thirty degrees Celsius 🙂
For Fredde the snorkeling was excellent. He was the only snorkeler on board and hence had his own instructor. His private instructor was Janine who was very knowledgable and passionate about all the marine life.
The snorkeling was amazing he saw a lot of fishes and other marine life. Once in a while we both got Nic in our faces as a contrast to the marine life.
After almost an hour, which felt like 10 minutes, we got up and had some lunch. Since Fredde’s snorkel and fins are quite easy to take off he had the first pick to the lunch :-). It was an excellent lunch that probably tasted even better since we are out in the open and had exercised a lot. The best was the spicy alternative (Margreet strongly disagrees).
After lunch it was time for our second dive/snorkeling at Koh Haa Yai. Here there was a chance to see some sharks and maybe whale sharks and manta rays. Unfortunately we were out of luck :-(, no big fishes today…
Margreet and Carl went through more exercises while Fredde and Janine continued to explore Koh Haa Yai from the surface. We both thought the first dive/snorkeling was better than the second.
On the two hour ride home Margreet got to fill out her diving log for the first time. It was such fun!
Back at the resort it was time for yet another sunset photo session! Yes, it’s finally the last one, we promise! At least last from Ko Lanta…
Afterwards we went to… …wait for it… …can you guess? Yes, Easy Bar! This time we went for the absolutely fabulous fish barbecue! Ohh, it was sooo good! Fredde dared to take the red snapper (it’s full of bones and it’s really not our cup of tea) and he didn’t regret it one single bit! Margreet played it safe and ate one of the fishes she saw earlier this day, fillet of barracuda. The barracuda was also delicious!