Our second day diving

So, it was time to see if Fredde had gotten his diving under control… We headed to the diving centre and finished off the theoretical part of the course. It was the same procedure as yesterday – watching the dvd, answering and discuss some questions and finally a quiz on the chapter.
A little tricky part was the theory about how long you could stay at certain depths and how long you had to stay above water between multiple dives. It was all about the nitrogen and extremely important because if you fail at it when diving you can get nitrogen baubles in your body tissue which in turn can be fatal. If you suspect that you are in danger of having too much nitrogen in your system you need to be taken to a pressure chamber (read: $$$). Today almost everyone dives with a dive computer which calculates everything for you and shows you the time you have left at your current depth etc. However, you still need to know the theory behind it so we looked at different charts and made some calculations to solve the problems presented to us.
All the theory was put to the test with a final exam which we both passed with flying colors 🙂
Off to lunch and then it was time to see how Fredde was going to do…

Fredde did get his regulator and breathing under control but the mask proved to be too much of a challenge… So, sorry Fredde, it will be snorkeling for you :*(
Margreet however did excellent and Carl asked at one point if she really was a first time diver and not someone PADI had sent to check up on him 😉
Today we were lucky with the weather, or it was because we had put everything under a protecting cover, it didn’t rain.
Back at the resort we tried out the watertight case for our old camera in the ocean and we had a blast! We both tried some “sexy” poses… Margreet pulled it off, Fredde not so much… 😉
Once again we had an amazing sunset and a good dinner. We captured some of the local wildlife on camera. Oh yes, we forgot to tell you. We believe Ko Lanta is actually a Swedish colony. We have never in our lives heard so much Swedish spoken or met so many Swedes outside of Sweden. Damn it, now we have to watch our tongues when we need to talk about other tourists… 😉
We finished off the day with reading a book, writing on our blog and taking a walk to one of the hundred Seven Eleven’s on the island.