First time diving

Yeah! Finally the day had arrived that we were going to dive for the first time in our lives! Excited?! Nervous?! Yes!!!
We had a fast breakfast and got picked up by the diving centre’s songthaew. The staff at the diving centre gave a good and professional impression and at the same time they were relaxed and funny :-). Especially our instructor, Carl, was a funny and cool British guy!
We started off with the first half of the theoretical part of the course. We watched a video and answered a few questions related to that video and finally we took a quiz. We went through the questions and Carl explained if we had answered something wrong. There were three chapters so we did the video/answer question/quiz routine three times as well. The theory was quite easy and we already looked forward to the dives in the pool after lunch.

We got recommended lunch at a local place by the water and it was suuuuper! The best thai-food so far 🙂
Finally, it was time to head to the pool and try on all the gear and actually dive for the first time :-). It was a lot to remember and not everything went smoothly but we were soon enough ready to take a giant stride into the pool! It felt very good to swim/float around in the pool but a little strange to breath through the regulator. We went through a lot of basic exercises like taking on and off the regulator and slowly breath out through your mouth and put it on again and taking on and off the mask and clear it of water. Margreet did really well but Fredde struggled a little. Especially taking on and off the mask and getting water (with a lot of chorine) in his nose proved to be difficult.
We soon moved to the deep end of the pool and that was actually a turning point for Fredde. He struggled once again with the mask and he then he starting to panicking when he couldn’t breathe properly… 🙁
It was a lot of combined things that went against Fredde:  

  • Bad thoughts in his own head (drowning, trapped under water etc)
  • Not fixing the mask off exercise and getting water up his nose (stopped breathing all together then)
  • Struggling with taking regulator off and continuously breathing out in one small steady go
  • It felt stressful as the pickup would soon be there
  • Carl was probably not the best match instructor wise for Fredde as Fredde felt a little stressed by him

After a talk to Carl and our contact at Lanta Diver Fredde decided to give it another go the next day.

As we went out of the pool the sky literately opened up and most of our stuff got more or less wet despite being under roof. Of course the driver decided to show up just then and we had to run back and forth with heavy tanks and other equipment. Once in the back of the songthaew we were drenched! Although when driving back we were far from the ones suffering the most! Everywhere poor souls on motorbikes tried to zigzagging between huge pools of water on the road and stay out of the splashes from all the cars driving by them.
By the time we were back at our resort it had more or less stopped raining but the thunder was still rolling at a distance.
We had a drink by the beach and watched an incredible sunset!

After quite a photo session from both of us we headed off to a different restaurant in search of dinner. We ended up at a place called Easy Bar and it proved to be a great choice! Very good food and great personal 🙂