A lot of visits and some good news

It’s been a busy week with a lot of visits from family and friends <3! On Monday Rana stopped by with school-lunch ;-). Niclas and Marie-Louise dropped by to give support early in the week. Grandma and grandpa Sweden brought both support and some great homemade lunches :-). Leslie brought a very good and colorful homemade Mexican lunch. We finally had some amazing coffee and cookies when Louise dropped by. Jouri defied the rain and brought lunch on Friday.

Emma also got some lovely presents in the mail. 

The best news from last week was that Emma is reacting well to her heart medicine, we are so very happy for that! The pressure in her right heart chamber has dropped from 120 to 88 (it’s still high as it should be around 30). The doctor says that there is plenty of room to raise her dosage to get even more result. She had a little bit more shakings but that might be a reaction to the change of her medicines. Her cold seemed to lessen but her mucosas seems to get irritated by the constant oxygen flow through her nose. 

We started off the weekend with pancakes! On Saturday evening we had babysitters for the first time :-). Lina and Jouri took care of our little angel while we spoiled ourselves with great Italian food and a movie. It was great to finally be able to leave the hospital area together, but also a little anxious even though we knew she was in the best care! There were actually not many movies we wanted to see so we ended up choosing Robocop… It will not win any Oscars but it was a good movie to just relax and think of something else for a while! Leslie and Mathias came on Sunday to take care of Emma for a while when mom and dad went down to town 🙂

Thank you all for your support, it really helps us!